Thought for the Week: “But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since death came through a man, so the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all shall be made alive.”                                                                1 Corinthians 15:20-22

Due to Scheduling issues, the next Men’s Breakfast is set for October 5th. 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 8:00.

2,752 more pounds went to hungry people this week bringing our new total to 9,036 lbs. It’s reminiscent of the old Hymn: “Come and Dine,” it’s good news for the hungry. You can adopt a row to help out the Grace Gardeners too. By the way, the freshest produce you can get is the produce that you pick.

Please Jot down your prayer requests on the information card—and we’ll pray with you about that item! To activate our GBC Prayer Chain: Call Graceann Trube at 503.931.1641 For personal prayer: See our Elders or Pastor after the service.

  Life Groups will be launching for the Fall. Consider one today. See the Gilkison’s, the Grippin’s, or Dennis Fritz for info.

Adopt a Row Ministry: Our GBC Garden Team would love for you to “adopt a row” in the garden. You would shoulder the responsibility for hoeing your row/s of vegetables. A name plate would identify your row to help you keep track of it. This would be a great help to our team—and our city in terms of donated food. Interested? See Charlotte Lyman.

Disciples are made best in the context of relationships which is why we offer Life Groups. These groups are designed so that people can get to know one another while getting to know the Scriptures. Soon to have 4 to choose from: On Sundays with Richard and Graceann Trube—503.931.1671; On Tuesdays with Pastor and Pam Hilsinger—503.586.6727; Coming on Thursdays with Stann and Charlotte Lyman—503.707.1560; and Fridays with Ed and Dana Gilkison—503.510.2529. Contact one today.

Be Inspired from the lives, loves, and legacy of notable Bible Women. Friday mornings 10-11:30am Sherry Grippin’s: Add: 300 La Creole Dr. Space 226. Ph. 971-240-9103

Praise God for His Garden! Thanks to everyone who has served the Lord in this ministry! The garden of Grace produced 6,175 lbs. From August 9-23.  

Praise God for His Garden! Thanks to everyone who has served the Lord in this ministry!

Life Groups are taking off—contact one of these leaders for more information: ; Dennis Fritz 503.302.4773; Stann Lyman 971.707.1560; Ed Gilkison 503.510.2529.

Ladies: You are invited to a prayer time on Tuesdays—11:00 am at Dana Gilkison’s. Add: 265 SE Walnut St. Dallas

Please remember our Missionaries in your daily prayers as they are in need of them every day. We put up new information as they come in on the bulletin board. Please take time to read them as they inform us of their work and their prayer needs. Thank You.

About Membership: This is a step of mutual affirmation. For the applicant—it is to affirm their desire to unite with this local body of believers. It is an alignment with our doctrine, polity, and philosophy of ministry and to walk in covenant community together. For the church family—it is an affirmation that they are co-witnesses together with us of Christ’s life in us—the hope of glory. This is recognition that we have been born of the Spirit and have been baptized together in Christ and that we will walk together in newness of life until Jesus returns. We recognize that this local expression of the body of Christ is but a part of the larger overall expression of the body of Christ in the world.

Missionary Newsletters can be found on our Missions Board in the foyer. All the latest postings can be read there.

E-mail Updates: If you would be interested in getting email reminders about upcoming events, AND/OR encouragements from time to time from Pastor Russ about things God is teaching him—please jot your email address on the sign-up sheet coming around. Thank you.

Prayer Ministry: Please provide your prayer requests so our prayer team can pray for you. Let’s pray for the redemption of many souls this year; and that God would grow our church. Also, please pray for our “War Room” prayer chapel makeover which is nearing completion. Thanks go to those who have been working on that.

Women’s Bible Study: At Dana Gilkison’s. Add: 265 Walnut Ave. Dallas. You can call Dana at 503-510-7752for more info. Study Time: 10:00am.   Thank You!

Librarian’s Reminder: Please check out all library material, whether you use it in your class room or take it home. Please remember to bring back all material that you check out including video’s, this gives others the opportunity to use them. Thank you for your consideration of others. Your Librarian.

Church Library: Please take time to look over our library, we
are always getting new books and Videos in for all ages. For any questions you might have about our library please see Peggy Perkins our Liberian.

All Church Announcements: need to be given to Graceann Trube by Wednesday at 3:00 pm to be printed in the following bulletin. Call the church office: 503.623.4858